May 2011

Rising energy demand According to the European Commission’s Baseline business-as-usual scenario, electricity demand will increase 52% between 2000 and 2030. Total installed power generation capacity will increase by about 400 GW, from 656 GW in 2000 to 1,118 GW in 2030, and additionally about 365 GW of current power stations are to be retired or decommissioned. The total new build requirement in Europe to 2030 is 761 GW, more than the entire European power capacity in existence today. Some 80% of incremental energy consumption to 2030 is predicted to be met by......

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No Fuel – Overview

No Fuel – Overview 1. Europe is facing an energy crisis. We now live in an era of energy uncertainty. The days of cheap and abundantly available energy are over. 2. Europe is running...

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Wind Power without fuel

Europe is wealthy in wind resources – enough wind blows across Europe to power the entire continent. Today, tomorrow and forever. Wind energy can meet more than one fifth of Europe’s power demand by...

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