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Energy transition and future challenges for a liberalised and integrated electrical market: the case of Albania

On February 20th 2019, the second phase of the KEP / CEI technical assistance program “Central European Initiative Support for Strengthening Energy Regulatory Authorities in the Western Balkans” will be formally launched, benefiting from the financial support of the CEI fund, totally financed by the Italian government, through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development […]

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Ecomondo and Key Energy biggest energy event on 2018

Ecomondo and Key Energy offers today’s biggest platform for the entire Mediterranean basin with 1250 exhibiting companies attracting over 116,000 attendees. Ecomondo has successfully anticipated business changes over time, from waste processing to dialoguing with industry on the development of an economic model based on green technologies. All sectors are efficiently represented, from waste to integrated water cycle, […]

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Turkey, Romania and Croatia could face investment gaps in energy by 2040

Turkey, Romania and Croatia will have to invest more in the energy infrastructure if they want to avoid investment gaps in the sector by 2040, the new Global Infrastructure Hub report on infrastructure investment needs and gaps shows. The GI Hub, established by the G20 to increase the flow and quality of infrastructure investment opportunities […]

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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati of Albania

On August 25, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks in Beijing with visiting Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati of Albania. Wang Yi expressed that Albania is a traditional friend of China. It made historic contributions to recovering the lawful seat of the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations back in the days, which […]

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Introduction to Peak Oil – (Lecture Notes in Energy)

This book examines the physical and economic characteristics of the global oil resource to explain why peak oil has been so poorly understood. The author draws on information held in oil industry datasets that are not widely available outside of the specialist literature, and describes a number of methods that have been successfully used to […]

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Turkey’s Role in Energy Security through Eastern Partnership

Turkey is located between the rich hydrocarbon reserves in the Caspian region and the European markets and thus sits at the intersection of the most feasible energy transit lines. Yet, geopolitics is not the only reason why Turkey is relevant to the EU’s energy interests in the Caspian. Turkey also has significant political capital and […]

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US ‘Applying Pressure’ on Greece to Build Gas Link w/ Bulgaria

US diplomats are working in Greece to make sure the interconnector project between Athens and Sofia will be carried out, the Bulgarian National Radio has said. “The interconnector with Bulgaria is a priority for Greece‘s energy policy as well,” BNR’s correspondent in Athens quotes Greek Energy Minister Skourletis as telling lawmakers in Parliament. US energy […]

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Albania Solar energy

With solar energy, we distinguish usually two conversion types:  solar thermal, solar PV (or photovoltaic solar energy) In this study we are focusing more on solar thermal energy. Solar thermal energy is the process where solar radiation is converted into thermal energy. The most common system is the solar water heater system (SWHS). The water is […]