Our comprehensive in-house expertise allows clients to use AEA as a single supplier for a range of integrated services throughout Albania and West Balkan region.

At AEA Albania Energy Association, we offer a broad range of services tailored to your individual requirements. Our renewable energy consultancy services include renewable energy, green build projects, funding and grants for community and energy efficiency. We work throughout the country with our team of expert, qualified consultants.

AEA Business Unit

  1. Advocacy

    In addition to the advocacy efforts included in the AEA membership, we offer tailored advocacy services to members and non-members. We can for example provide support to policymakers and community energy advocates for the development of policies that support the creation and growth of energy communities, or conduct policy analysis. We can further write guidance reports and give policy presentations, lectures and workshops.

  2. Energy Consulting

    The global energy landscape is rapidly changing, which has an impact on energy markets and energy infrastructure. Climate change and changes in the geopolitical landscape call for a radical shift to low-carbon energy sources, deployment of energy efficiency improvements and innovative decarbonisation solutions such as carbon capture and storage. Policymakers at all governance levels face the need to develop policies to push and steer the required energy transition in the right direction. Our team can develop indicators to track and evaluate progress of energy policy implementation, but also to conduct sector and value chain analyses of renewable energy technologies.

    AEA is very well-acquainted with the Albanian and EU energy policy framework and has extensive experience in providing policy advice to public sector institutions.

  3. Project Development

    AEA has extensive experience managing individual aspects of different energy projects.
    We can also provide a full suite of services to support your project’s development in its entirety, including:

    Site identification and constraints analysis
    Environmental assessment management
    Project feasibility assessment
    Financing management
    PPA procurement
    Due diligence
    Project commercialisation
    Procurement and tendering
    Stakeholder engagement.

  4. Energy Infrastructure

    The transition to a zero-emission energy system will require major changes in the energy transport and storage infrastructure, on all scale levels from local to supra-national. In order to achieve the transition at the lowest possible cost, sector coupling and smart energy transport and storage strategies are essential. In this context, further integration of the electricity and gas sectors are of particular interest.
    Our work includes a study which assessed the impact of decarbonisation policies and replacement of fossil gas with renewable on infrastructure and on the transport system operators.

  5. Energy Markets

    One of the most important pillars of the Albania and EU is that electricity and gas markets should function properly and be integrated at EU level. AEA is closely following this development and has relevant experience and expertise to offer high quality consulting services in this domain, e.g. impact assessments of proposed (ex-ante) or implemented (ex-post) policy measures on energy markets, identification of policies and best practices to improve energy markets’ functioning and integration, competition in the energy markets and impact of renewable energy sources on energy markets.

  6. Energy Governance & Regulation

    AEA has extensive experience and a well-established track record in the area of energy policy consulting covering work related to the governance of Albania for a wide range of Albanian stakeholders. Our work covers the design, evaluation and implementation of energy policy and regulations that aim to facilitate and promote the energy transition, including work to measure progress and assess potential impacts.
    • Drafting and Reviewing of Primary and Secondary Legislation
    • Preparation of regulatory reporting and compliance
    • Investment planning
    • Tariff methodologies; regulated tariff setting and tariffs structure
    • Incentive schemes for renewable energy sources
    • Regulation of energy grids



Energy efficiency (“EE”) is at the cornerstone of the European energy policy and one of the main targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth adopted by the European Council in June 2010.

We offer energy consultancy and technical consultancy service to help manage, monitor and reduce energy consumption. Our energy consultants take a hands on approach to providing energy management services and energy saving solutions to businesses looking to save energy within their organisation. We are the leading organizations engaged in providing services for Energy Saving Consultancy Services. The offered consultancy services are rendered by our adroit professionals using cutting edge technology in sync with industry norms.



Our economy is operating at the limits of what our planet can support. AEA believes that the characteristics of economic growth need to be changed to form a green, resource-efficient and circular economy, respecting planetary boundaries. AEA supports decision makers with economics-based research and advise on environment policy issues. As environmental issues are complex and characterised by a multi-disciplinary (typically non-monetary) character, our strength lies in objectively analysing the interface between the economy and the environment and discovering how environmental goals can be integrated seamlessly in the current economic system to achieve sustainable and green growth.



Electrical networks are essential for linking energy generation and consumption. Recent development has meant that they have become more complex and secure, as they transmit highly sensitive information. Moreover, in order to handle increasing competition from emerging markets, the cost of these facilities must be optimized while at the same time, maintaining the highest quality of service.
Our specialist project managers, designers, engineers and environmental consultants provide a range of expertise for high and extra high voltage transmission lines. We have experts with extensive knowledge and experience available to advise on procurement, project management, engineering design coordination, social, safety and environmental impact assessment, transport analysis, planning of electrical Network and architectural design services.



AEA  has extensive experience in writing and securing placement of technical articles in leading global energy industry technical publications. Our engineering and marketing expertise enables us to write polished content that will engage the industry as well as attract prospective customers. Our team consists of Technical Writers, Engineers, Economists, Business Journalists and former Editors of Energy & Power Trade Publications who have developed articles on a range of power, renewable, wind, solar, T&D and broader energy sectors.

We have written & published articles, event kits, whitepapers, media announcements for our members on a range of energy technologies across generation, transmission & distribution sectors. Topics have ranged from the changing renewable power landscape, market structures, decarbonization, decentralized hybrid solutions, climate change, plant digitalization, energy storage, IIoT, smart grids, emission control, complex engineered products – boilers, turbines, generators and flexible energy solutions.



DPR is the study that includes detailed design of the energy projects, the infrastructure required alongside the track, cost estimate and bid documents for construction based on the existing and predicted travel demand, demographic features etc. The DPR should be prepared carefully and with sufficient details to ensure appraisal, approval and subsequent project implementation in a timely and efficient manner. Preparation of DPR is a costly and time-taking process as all relevant aspects of the project are considered in the DPR. It includes:

  • Examination of technological parameters.
  • Description of the technology to be used.
  • Broad technical specification.
  • Evaluation of the existing resources.
  • Schedule plan.
  • General layout.
  • Volume of work.


AEA helps clean energy companies build powerful relationships with media, analysts, government decision-makers, local communities and strategic partners. The main purpose of renewable energy survey is to collect information from businesses working within the green economy including low carbon and renewable energy activities. The Survey of Renewable Energy explores current environmental, social, and technological issues that are driving interest in and spreading use of renewable energy technology. From this foundation, basic concepts of energy will be explored and explained, leading to a general examination of energy conservation and all common modes of energy “generation” from renewable sources.

AEA in cooperation with Terra Drone HP which its drones can also be equipped with transmitters that share the footage in real time, allowing the operator to see exactly what is going on at a given time. Drones are able to fly within a couple of metres of the power lines, thus providing high quality footage in the safest possible way. Aerial drone surveys are a new alternative for inspections whether it’s an on or off-shore wind farm inspection, solar panel survey, hydroelectric plant our aerial inspections are guaranteed to save time, money and human resources. 

Microsoft's BIG Data Applications


The real power in the use of Microsoft Office is the ability to fully Integrate and Automate the various desktop productivity tools, along with SQL Server, Azure, and Microsoft Power BI.
Thus, eliminating mundane highly manual and time consuming practices, while simultaneously improving accuracy.
An example of Integration and Automation of Microsoft applications: VBA/Macros allows you to click a button on an Access Form that will run a series action queries, export that data into Excel, create Excel reports, Excel Dashboards, insert those into PowerPoint, and e-mail a PDF of the report to your team via Outlook, all with the single click of the mouse. 

We give different solutions with:

Automated VBA Code Driven Solutions

Microsoft’s BIG Data Applications
  • Implement real-time dashboards, scorecards, scenarios or executive summaries
  • Build dynamically update-able budgets & forecasts, energy demand scenarios
  • Audit integrity of existing Excel workbooks & Microsoft databases (Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI)
  • Project complex human resources, social, energy and financial models
  • Advanced data visualization expertise