About Us

About Us

The AEA Albania Energy Association was established as not-for-profit industry association in 2011 to represent Albanian and international energy producers, consumers and promote the use of sustainable energy in Albania and West Balkan. In promoting new types of technologies that could be applied in energy and industrial sector in achieving sustainable energy for all.  AEA helps enhance performance across the industry value chain, providing expertise in generation, trading and storage, transmission, distribution and more..

Attracting Investments Through

  1. 1
    Focused on practical steps to help government energy

    Focused on practical steps to help government energy institutions, to remove technology-specific barriers to renewable energy investments.

  2. 2
    Provide online information portal

    Provide online information portal with information for investors, members, NGO’s, etc

  3. 3
    Promote and facilitate investment

    Promote and facilitate investment opportunities with the appointment of a Renewable and Efficiency Energy Advocate

  4. 4
    Promote mid-scale and large solar PV

    Promote mid-scale and large solar PV to enable uptake of solar technologies where they are most cost effective.

  5. 5
    Develop an information package

    Develop an information package for small-scale, hydro power, solar PV, solar hot water, wind generation, biomass, and biofuels.

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What AEA does

From passion for energy markets, and supported by an regional and international team of energy consultants, engineers and experts, who help spread this passion all over the world. What does our team bring to the table? A set of highly specialized boutique consultancy services: quality energy risk management, engineering, procurement, financial controlling, sustainability and data management solutions based on the most in-depth knowledge of energy procurement that you can find.

  1. Market & Regulation

    Our consultants are experts in regulations of power markets in Albania and in the Balkan Region. They have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the rules that govern electricity generation, transmission and distribution activities.

    • Customized power market analysis
    • Reports on the current situation and regulation of the European and US power markets
    • Benchmarking on the conditions for access to electricity networks
    • Expertise of rate-of-return or incentive regulation methodologies applied for each segment of the energy power system (transmission and distribution grids, generation facilities).
  2. What we do for end-users/retailers

    Our association protect all energy consumers in Albania and policy information, as well as a structure mechanism for providing feedback and influencing the development of the electricity sector. Although the major changes have been made, there is continuous evolution and fine-tuning, which can have significant impacts on electricity costs for Albanian consumers. Working with community action agencies and the office of energy and planning to explore ways to ensure that all customers participating in programs for low-income customers to have access to energy efficiency improvements, and where appropriate, renewable energy resources, in order to reduce their energy bills.

  3. Feasibility study RES

    Are you a power plant developer, an investment fund or an entrepreneur interested in investing in a sustainable and renewable energy source ?

    Our feasibility studies include:

    • RES potential – Assessment of the amount of electricity that can be produced annually according to the solar radiations
    • Design & Engineering – Recommendations regarding the type of equipment to be used and the size of the RES park, drawings, calculation.
    • Capital expenditures – Assessment of the construction, installation and connection costs as well; recommendations on the best material to be used
    • Project Schedule – Determining  the schedule for development studies, installation and construction, grid connection works, and for related payments 
    • Opex – Estimate of costs regarding insurance, operation and maintenance, taxes and land leases 
    • Revenue forecasts
    • Profit and Loss forecasts, Cash Flows, Depreciation of capital assets and debt structures  
    • Complete analysis of technical (production loss, failure...) and financial risks
  4. Production forecasts & Feed-in tariffs

    Why should you first assess the net electricity output and feed-in tariffs for your RES farm project or portfolio? Because this preliminary assessment enables you to reduce risks and uncertainties concerning your future investment revenues!

    With our "Production Forecast & Feed-in Tariffs" service we:

    • assess gross and net annual electricity outputs, taking into account losses and giving you an exceedance probability
    • model and forecast future feed-in tariffs and market prices for the entire lifecycle of your project
    • evaluate future net revenues, including reduction for planned, preventive and predictive maintenance operations...

    Our services:

    • Assessment of RES energy output
    • Assistance in site evaluation and RES type selection
    • Market price forecasts and feed-in tariffs applying to the purchase of the energy output
    • Complete evaluation of future revenues from RES plant and portfolios
  5. Project Development and Project Management

    AEA provides support for your power plant projects throughout the entire development cycle, mobilizing the technical, regulatory and financial experience of its experts.

    Helping define your project

    Our technical experts can help you select sites with the best solar energy potential as well as anticipate zoning and regulatory risks.

    They can also assist you in evaluating potential production, feasibility and costs of connecting to the power network.

    At this stage, we can provide support for the promotion of your project with investors and help raise the necessary capital to finance the development phase of your power plant.

    Assistance with administrative procedures

    Our specialists in power regulations provide valuable support by identifying all local players and performing numerous mandatory administrative procedures: building statement, connection to the power network, emphyteutic leases, repurchase obligations...

    Other Services :

    Technical Marketing Consulting
    Energy Management
    Project Development and Project Management
    GHG/Carbon Management and Carbon Footprinting


Energy transition can make the world safer and fairer

Our strategy is to work closely with Albanian government and energy agencies, with the oil and gas industry, renewable energy players, waste management industry and other participants and investors to increase sustainable energy/power generation in Albania.
Achieving Sustainable Energy for All. A secure, affordable and renewable/sustainable energy future for all.

To successfully grow renewable energy generation in Albania we need to address the challenges of the higher cost of renewable energy, the current barriers to investment and community concerns.

To undertake policy development and provide input to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and others.


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