Albania’s “Shala” River is also granted concession, HPP 100 million USD investment.

Recently, some impressive photos from a river in North Albania can be seen on social networks, whose images are compared to those in Thailand. It is about the Shala River which has become the main tourist attraction of this year with an extraordinary increase in attendance. For all those who have visited the impressions left are the most impressive ones, while those who have not yet been have to do  as soon as the majority of this river will be overwhelmed by new hydro concessions. There is already a concrete project with three winning companies announced by the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

HEC-I over Shala 100 million USD investment

The Ministry of Energy and Industry yesterday announced the concession winners for the hydropower plant on the Shala River. Referring to the investment value but to the installed power it seems to be one of the biggest hydropower plants in the country. The winning company is a temporary merger of the companies “Çinar-San Hafriyat Nakliyat Insaat Turizm Sanayi Ve Ticaret LTD.STI”, “Shala Energy PLC” and “Falak Properties LLC”.

Data on HPP

The installed power specified by calculating the river flow, is expected to be 83,450 kW, with an electricity output of about 321,465,632 kWh. The amount of Fees offered for concessions is 2.1% (6.750.778 kWh) and the time of implementation of the works 36 months. Value excluding VAT is 11,239,204,263 Lek.

The interest for hydropower utilization is for the Shala River waters, between the quotas 486 meters above sea level up to 176.00 meters above sea level, which is also the maximum quota of the Komani reservoir, respecting the technical conditions of design and non-violation of objects that are planned to be built in this watershed.

The Shala River on which is planned to build the hydro power plant is one of the Drini River branches that supplies the Drina cascade, which is the most important energy project in the country, providing over 90% of the energy in the country.

There are also HEC-I Gojan and Bushtrica 1

The Ministry of Energy announced that it has announced the winners for the hydro power plant Bushtrica 1 which was more than two months appealed to the Public Procurement Commission. According to the winning announcement for this concession is the company “Doko” with an investment value of 506 million ALL without VAT while the installed power will be 4220 Kw.

For the winning Gojani hydro power plant was announced “M.C. Inerte “sh.p.k. with an investment value of 1.9 billion Leks (ALL).

Winning companies for three HPPs should submit additional documents to the ministry to open the way for signing the final contract.

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