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IENE workshop 2nd : Developing Albania’s Hydroelectricity Potential

Speaking at the second session of the workshop IENE to exploit the hydroelectric potential of Albania, Executive Director of IENE Mr. Kostis Stambolis alleged a position that as it further develops the electric system of the country, mainly based on hydropower, will need the support of the Greek electrical system in order to achieve uninterrupted […]

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IENE Workshop in Tirana to Examine the Development of Albania’s Hydroelectric Potential

A one-day workshop on the utilization of Albania’s significant hydroelectric potential is convened by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) in Tirana on June 3, 2016. This special IENE event, organized in cooperation with Albanian counterparts and under the auspices of the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry and of the Greek embassy […]