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May 2011

Heat pumps These are devices that can extract and amplify heat obtained from a source of thermal energy. There are several types of heat pump. All use the same basic principle of extracting heat from a source and concentrating it to obtain a higher temperature, usually then applied to water for domestic heating and hot water.The device which does this can be thought of as a refrigerator operating in reverse. It is powered by electricity, but the amount of heat energy delivered is several times more than the electrical energy consumed. The......

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May 06, 2011

Woodfuel for heat

Woodfuel for heat What is Woodfuel? Woodfuel for heat is woody fuel that is burned to generate energy for space heating or hot water. Woodfuel includes logs, woodchip or pellets to be used in applications ranging...

May 06, 2011

Geothermal heat

Geothermal heat Heat from the hot core of the earth can be extracted and used in various ways (including ground source heat pumps described separately) Hot dry rocks One form of geothermal energy is produced...

May 05, 2011

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  No Fuel Briefing (2.1 MB) Industry leaders and key politicians launch “NO FUEL” strategy  (27/02/06) (62 KB) Press Release – Tackling Europe’s energy crisis: wind energy, the “NO FUEL solution” (23/02/06) (113 KB) No...

May 05, 2011

How many turbines are required?

At the end of 2005, an estimated 47,000 wind turbines were installed in Europe, generating 83 TWh of electricity, equal to about 2.8% of European electricity demand. The average size of turbines delivered to the...

May 05, 2011

The myth of intermittency

It is widely perceived that because the wind resource is intermittent, the wind technology is not ‘reliable’ enough to be a major power source. Watching a single wind turbine stop and start, it might seem...

May 05, 2011

The European wind resource

The European wind resource There is enough wind energy resources to power all of Europe, whose current consumption is 2,900 TWh. Related Post Socar is running into problems concerning Desfa Azerbaijan's state energy company Socar...

May 05, 2011

European Wind Energy Association-Official scenarios

The electricity production from wind energy and its contribution to meeting European electricity consumption is: 83 TWh in 2005 (2.8% of European electricity demand), to 188 TWh in 2010 (5.5%), to 523 TWh in 2020...

May 05, 2011

International Energy Agency – Official scenarios

International Energy Agency Reference or baseline scenarios are not presented as business-as-usual or fixed outcomes, but typically are used for comparison, and present the theoretical case where no action is taken, which is not considered...

May 05, 2011

European Commission – Official scenarios

European Commission Baseline scenarios provide a reference comparison for a range of alternative scenarios and energy policy options. The reference scenario from IEA and the Commission on wind power are described here. In earlier reports...

May 05, 2011

Official scenarios

For long-term energy scenarios, there are two established authorities. The European Commission has been publishing its long-term energy scenarios since the 1990s. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its World Energy Outlook which has...

May 05, 2011

The progress of wind energy

Wind technology has made major progression from the prototypes of just 25 years ago. Wind energy has come of age, and now constitutes a mainstream power technology that is largely underexploited. Two decades of technological...

May 05, 2011

Climate security

Climate change poses one of the greatest challenges to the world community, and energy technology will play a central role. Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is...

May 04, 2011

Energy security

Europe is facing an energy crisis. We now live in an era of energy uncertainty. The days of cheap and abundantly available energy are over. Europe is running out of indigenous energy resources at a...

May 04, 2011

Rising energy demand

Rising energy demand According to the European Commission’s Baseline business-as-usual scenario, electricity demand will increase 52% between 2000 and 2030. Total installed power generation capacity will increase by about 400 GW, from 656 GW in...

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