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AEA Services

Our comprehensive in-house expertise allows clients to use AEA
as a single supplier for a range of integrated services throughout
Albania and West Balkan region.

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At Albania Energy Association “AEA”, we offer a broad range of services tailored to your individual requirements. Our renewable energy consultancy services include renewable energy, green build projects, funding and grants for community and energy efficiency. We work throughout the country with our team of expert, qualified consultants.

Our comprehensive in-house expertise allows clients to use AEA as a single supplier for a range of integrated services throughout the Albania and West Balkans.


Our teams have experience in many major development types including oil and gas, and waste management, renewable energy, electricity,  grid infrastructure, environment, energy efficiency, policy, business development etc. We provide services across all stages of development; from feasibility, due diligence and design, through impact assessment and support in planning and permitting, to public inquiry, post-consent, construction and post-construction.

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Renewable energy sources (RES)
We offer a wide portfolio of services related to the design, implementation, operation and financing of projects involving all types of renewables. The scope and quality of our services is based on our extensive expertise in the area of technology and technical solutions of renewable energy projects, and also on our experience with administrative and technical preparation, management and technical supervision of projects throughout the construction phase, certification of completed projects, resolution of operating issues and evaluation of the operation of projects utilizing renewable energy sources.

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Energy audits, assessments and certificates
The amended wording of the Law on Energy Efficiency No. 124/2015 and Energy Performance on Buildings No. 116/2016  has brought about, among other things, a new form of certified energy assessment – an “Energy assessment” which is more flexible than an “Energy audit” from the standpoint of the assessment’s content and form. The processing of an energy audit, energy assessment or certificate of the energy performance of a building by a qualified energy expert is a common condition, among others, for submitting a grant application for a project from the corresponding grant funds.

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Industrial power engineering, heat and electricity production
AEA is composed from team of engineers mostly, the classical energy industry is characterized by the generation of heat and power from fossil fuels and hydropower, along with the distribution and final consumption of individual forms of energy. We provides a wide range of consulting services in this sector of the energy industry, from expert consulting for investors, persons interested in joining the energy business and existing operators of power generating and industrial plants, to technical due diligence for the purposes of financing institutions.

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Local distribution systems
A local distribution system (LDS) is a power or natural gas distribution system which supplies power or natural gas to the places of consumption of end customers (flats, offices, shops, warehouses, production facilities, etc.) in a given territory. An LDS can be operated to advantage wherever more customers (power and gas consumers) are connected to a superior distribution system via a single connecting point and shared distribution infrastructure. Typically, this can involve industrial areas, commercial zones, administrative and apartment complexes, shopping centres, etc.

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Energy prices and contracts in the energy sector
The key relationship in the energy industry is the contractual relationship between the consumer and energy supplier; nevertheless, the issue of contractual relationships and energy prices is much more complex. An indispensable prerequisite for assessing contractual relationships in the energy industry is a long-term and deep knowledge of energy commodity markets. AEA experts have extensive experience in the areas of both contractual relationships and commodity markets.

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Energy consulting for cities, municipalities and regions
Energy consulting for cities, municipalities and regions includes a wide range of consulting services in the area of energy management, municipal energy management and regional energy planning. Municipal energy management – i.e. energy management at the level of towns and municipalities – is an issue which is often neglected. There are currently two major trends: technically and morally obsolete sources of heat are coming to the end of their service lives, and new legislation which tightens environmental conditions for the operation of boiler plants and heat-generating plants is having an ever-growing impact.

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Market analyses
Detailed knowledge of the energy sector and the key players in Albania, Balkans, and CEE- Central Eastern Europe along with knowledge of foreign competitors and global context is a vital prerequisite for analytical activities of AEA. Analyses of various sectors of the energy market are based on the present state of the market, expected trends of supply and demand, prices, analyses of capabilities of the competition, etc. Prognoses of power and gas prices. Evaluation of the safety of energy supplies. Benchmarking of power and natural gas prices in the EU countries. Assessment of power prices in the industrial sector of non-ferrous metallurgy in Europe. Etc

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Strategic consulting in the energy sector
We understand the term strategic consulting as a comprehensive approach to our members and clients, usually including more aspects in the area of purchasing natural gas and power, optimization of production and use of individual forms of energy, investments in hydro-power and renewable’s, issues related to regulation and duties arising from legislation, and the advising and assessment of the investment demand of selected measures. The area of strategic consulting includes a very wide range of consulting services for private investors, state administrators, regulators, energy traders, energy producers and consumers.

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Energy Advocacy 
AEA is committed to discourse with policymakers at all levels of government to promote energy supply in Albania and West Balkan for power generation, domestic supply and transportation. We also are committed to civic education to stakeholders about our community’s longstanding commitment to doing our work in a responsible manner that advances our country economic, environmental and energy security goals. To promote all activities within the entire energy spectrum and catalyze the technical and economic progress of sustainability. To encourage the development of clean technology and renewable energy and an awareness of environmental impacts. To contribute to the development of legislation that will establish equitable, nondiscriminatory, and achievable environmental and energy efficiency regulations.

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[vc_toggle title=”Market Entry Albania”]Market entry Albania

Are you looking for business contacts and business partners in Albania?
As a permanent representative in Albania, we are the right partner for you when it comes to market entry and market expansion in a relatively unknown environment. Our office is very well connected with the Albanian economy, the administration and other national and international institutions. We are at your side and can compensate for possible personnel resources for foreign management.

We support your market entry through:

  • Business partner identification
  • Business Partners Mailing
  • Address Research
  • Advertising Service

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The website of the website of AEA-Albania Energy Association is the starting point for numerous actors of the foreign economy with Albania as well as bilingualism for companies, associations or authorities of Albania.
In order to reach different target groups, you can therefore link your logo, including a link to your own website, either on our homepage or on the topic pages, e.g. To certain events, services or country pages.
You can get special attention with the skyscraper banners on the sides – these banners can also be displayed on the homepage as well as on other media websites of AEA like,, and more.

Do you want to make your company or product more familiar on the Albanian market?
We would be happy to assist you with the selection and coordination of advertising media as well as with the circulation of the advertisement in suitable trade magazines, daily newspapers, or even in the media, or Trade Exhibitions we organize.

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SMEs trips to Albania

For foreign companies that want to gain a foothold in Albania, AEA and Bizonz offers the possibility of branch-specific or cross-industry cooperation exchanges.
These cooperative exchanges have so far proved to be very successful in the domestic market, because individual companies and authorities are given the opportunity to do so in personal meetings.
Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular can benefit from this in order to strengthen their market position and to increase their cooperation through partnerships.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Legal information for Albania”]Legal information for Albania

You need legal advice for your business in Albania?
When doing business in the international economic area, the knowledge about the legal situation of the other country is indispensable. We and our partners provide legal advice, and offer initial information in the following legal areas:

Employment Law
Business Law
Intellectual Property Rights
Bankruptcy law
Contract law
Business start
Import/Export[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Trade Fair Events, Exhibitions, Conferences, Summits”]

Power your business through our events

AEA trade fairs are known all over the region because they attract a large number of visitors and exhibitors,  as are organized with high professionalism through serious international event organizers partnerships .
Trade fairs, summits, and conferences are important marketing instruments of international trade, a place where contacts are made and maintained, and an intensive exchange of experience takes place.
Here you can get an overview of the world market and at the same time inform yourself about the latest state of technology and achievements.
A large number of trade fairs, exhibitions , know-how and many years of trade experience promise the desired success.

We offer:
Information and brochures on trade fairs
Advice and assistance for organizers and visitors
Arranging for the purchase of the tickets with discount
Assistance in organizing the events
Enlisting support and association of relevant trade bodies and industry associations
We create world class platforms called Conferences, to enable sharing of knowledge to respective industry verticals.

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Senior expert service 

AEA Senior experts support mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, public institutions, municipalities, training institutions and international organizations with their expertise.
Our local and international senior experts come from more than 35 industries: from electronics, mechanical engineering, agriculture, marketing, administration, energy, health care to the food industry. We have established local partners in Central Easter Europe for more support.  They have many years of professional and life experience and bring a high motivation with them.
Would you like to request a Senior Expert or Senior Expert? Let us know.

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Planning and managing the development is one of the main business for companies willing to reach their own long term development target.

We help you comprehend your clients’ profile and needs, set up the best development marketing and business models and manage effectively new strategies’ launching.

Technology and IoT
We manage the development of your company with the best high tech solutions to use digital business potential, increase the value and guide the market placement.

Potential market

We analyze all points of view that are useful to understand the background in which the client works: the national and international market Development procedures

We develop the intervention strategy and convert it into a work plan based on client’s target and characteristics.Working with Client

We work closely with Client, sharing daily operational work towards the achievement of the agreed targets.


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