The AEA has established a number of sector groups, which members can join.

So we can also focus on sector-specific issues members can join our various groups concentrating on:

  • Individual renewable technologies
  • Energy market sectors, or
  • Application areas

This creates an effective matrix structure of overlapping groups. To ensure that this works efficiently the remit of each group is clearly defined (see description of each group) and  we schedule meetings with likely shared issues together to use members’ time efficiently.


Groups with resource / technology-specific focus:

  • The Primary Biomass Group
    • members supplying and using woodfuels and WID-exempt biomass for energy production (power, heat, CHP)
    • The Bio-Energy Forum, energy production (power, heat, CHP) from biomass residues and fuels encompassed by the Waste Framework Directive.
      • Biogas sub-group
    • The Solar PV Group

‘Virtual’ groups liaise with colleague organizations in technologies such as

Groups with sector-specific focus:

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