1. Applications for membership must be submitted, in written form, to the Chairman or the General Secretary of AEA.
  2. The application must contain key-information regarding the following:  The applicant’s activities, its organization as such, the main contact persons’ contact details and the worldwide turnover of its most recently ended financial year related to energy field. The applicant must provide a copy of its most recent articles of incorporation/statutes and of its most recent annual accounts together with its application form.
  3. All application forms received by the Chairman or the General Secretary of AEA are submitted for approval to the Admission Committee.
  4. The composition of the Admission Committee is identical to the composition of the Board of Directors of AEA.
  5. The admission of new members is subject to a unanimous decision of the Admission Committee.
  6. The Admission Committee reserves the right to refuse an application for membership without the need to justify its decision.
  7. Accepted members shall be notified within 30 days by the AEA Secretariat and informed of the effective date of affiliation.
    In the event that admission is refused by the Admission Committee, the candidate may appeal against such decision with the General Meeting of Members who will take a final decision at its next meeting.
  8. A member shall only enjoy its full membership rights if its membership fee has been paid in full.