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Innovation is the core

issue in economic prosperity.

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All of today’s energy sources that are used globally will continue to be needed in the foreseeable future. Energy, especially in the form of electricity is the basis for the modern society development and contributes to the improvement of quality of life.

Global energy consumption continues to increase, while at the same time there is greater emphasis on finding renewable, carbon neutral solutions for power generation with an emphasis for sustainable development through safeguarding the environment.

 Today there is great focus on the next transition, on the expectation or the possibility of a substantial change in the energy mix. What would be the nature of the changing mix? What would drive it? How fast could it come? Or how long might it take? The answers to these questions will have a profound impact on the global energy system, on producers and consumers. Private Business Community is part of the answers and has to be involved at a high level in order to join effort with Governments to implement that energy mix as quick as possible.

 The Government of Albania targets other 500 Million of Euros investments in energy sector by 2020 mostly in transmission and smart metering. So far, Albania strategy is to increase production capacity of renewable investment by 37% by 2020 with the startup of new three hydro power plants in Devoll River, and also another strategic investment with natural gas pipeline TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline). Even though Albania is 100% depended in hydro power, the new investing strategy effected also by the Climate Change policies will be increased in energy mix sectors as energy producers.

As an Energy Association, AEA wishes to become “the platform” coordinating and advocating for the business community investing in energy, “the platform” creating partnerships with partners and especially with the Government for a successful Public Private Partnership in energy sector. AEA wishes to position its members as the best local partners for international investors interested to develop energy project in Albania. The success of AEA will come from a hand-in-hand work with the Government of Albania, Development partners, financial institutions, and all stakeholders involved in energy sector.

We highly appreciate the partnership with International Energy Organizations, and Private Business Associations, their support to make “AEA” moving faster towards attaining its agenda.

We also thank all financial institutions/banks who are willing to work closely with us and financially support energy projects.

 Finally, a special “Thanks” to all the companies members of “AEA”, thanks for your commitment and contribution to develop energy sector, creating jobs, respecting environment and in the end making profitable businesses.

Erlet Shaqe, Chairman of the AEA –  (01-June-2016)

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Dipl-Eng.Erlet Shaqe has an Engineering Degree in Energy/Renewable Energy, associate’s degree in Petroleum Engineering – Production Optimization, and in Private Sector Growth Strategies.

Sharing experience in strategic planning, RES engineering, and execution, for years in Albania energy sector and international. Applying different academic methods to help Albania academic sector of engineering and publishing research papers on CSR, Business Development, Environmental Issues, Energy Economics.