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What is Market Coupling?

Definition The term market coupling refers to the aim to form an interconnected (European) market for electricity. Market coupling is intended to link control areas and market areas in order to harmonize different systems of electricity exchanges and, in particular, to reduce price differences. This way, the electricity market is to some extent aligned with the physical reality of […]

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What is a contract for difference?

Definition In the energy world, contract for difference is a subsidy model in which both positive and negative deviations from a fixed reference price are paid out to the contractual partner. Contract for difference is also called symmetrical market premium. What is the best way to counter price fluctuations on the electricity market with a subsidy system? How […]

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What does Liberalization and Unbundling of Energy Markets mean?

Definition The liberalization of the energy market means the opening of the electricity and gas market to free competition. This has broken up existing monopolies and opened the market to more participants. In most cases, liberalization was accompanied by unbundling, which made a distinction between generation, transmission and distribution/retail in the energy sector. The aim was to […]

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MENA Energy Meet 2nd Edition

MENA Energy Meet 2nd Edition is the ideal virtual meeting place for global and regional energy stakeholders, C-level executives, leading industry experts, decision makers, policy makers and government officials from across the value chain to engage in dialogue, discuss current challenges and business opportunities, develop market strategies, share their knowledge, deliberate approaches and identify solutions aimed […]

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CISOLAR & IBES 2021 will be held on July 6-8 | Digital & In-Person

According to IB Centre, the total investment in solar energy projects may exceed $80 billion globally in 2021. For the solar energy industry, one of the starting points of the new stage of development will be CISOLAR 2021, the 10th Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe, which will take place […]

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10th SOLAR ENERGY CONFERENCEAND TRADE SHOW Creating The Solar Energy Future For Central-Eastern Europe In The Covid-Affected World. Not just one solar energy industry, or renewable energy in general, or even this particular region of Central and Eastern Europe navigates uncertainly and struggles from the covid-2019 crisis. Every aspect of our business and life meets with […]

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HYDROPOWER EUROPE seeks input from hydropower stakeholders

HYDROPOWER EUROPE is an EU-funded project that aims to create a Forum gathering all the hydropower stakeholders throughout Europe. The project is currently undertaking a consultation process directed at collecting input from such stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of achieving a Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA) and a Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR) for the sector. A […]

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CISOLAR 2019 submit new opportunities for developing solar energy in Central and Eastern Europe

The 8th International Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe, CISOLAR-2019 KYIV, the largest regional business event, devoted to solar energy industry, will take place at the in Kyiv (Ukraine) on April 16-18, 2019. Today solar energy development is one of priority areas for investors in the world and Eastern Europe […]

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3 teknologjitë për të zvogëluar përdorimin e energjisë

Ndërtimet me efiçencë energjitike janë zgjidhja më e mirë dhe më e përballueshme për adresimin e ndryshimeve klimaterike dhe uljen e emetimeve të karbonit. Megjithatë, ajo është aq e promovuar shpesh nga diskutimet në lidhje automjetet elektrike dhe paneleve diellore. Duke qenë se ndërtesat cilësore janë një investim i madh financiar ju ofrojnë banorëve përfitime […]

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15th South-East European Exhibitions & Conferences on Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Smart Cities and Save the Planet

EE & RES , Smart Cities and Save the Planet  16-18 April, Sofia, Bulgaria will present intelligent solutions for buildings, infrastructure, transport and mobility, public services; sustainable alternatives for energy production, distribution, storage and saving; waste utilization and recycling. The event is organized by Via Expo and is one of the most important B2B initiatives […]