The Albania Energy Association represents the Albania energy industry, covering all renewable power, heat and fuels.

Why we are here

The Albania Energy Association was established in 2011 to represent Albania energy producers, consumers and promote the use of sustainable energy in the Albania.

What the Association covers

Our membership is active across the whole spectrum of energies: electric power, heat, renewable energy, bio-energy.We represent a wide variety of organizations, including generators, project developers, fuel and power suppliers, equipment producers and service providers. Members range in size from major multi-nationals to sole traders.

To join the AEA

Go to the joining instructions in the members section.

What the AEA does for business

The AEA’s main objective is to secure the best legislative and regulatory framework for expanding sustainable and renewable energy production in the Albania. We undertake policy development and provide input to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and others. Other services include:

  1. Conferences, Seminars & Workshops
  2. Public affairs and industry PR
  3. Publications and newsletters
  4. Information on technical, legal, commercial and environmental matters
  5. Training courses and career opportunities
  6. Member networking

We also host the annual Albania Energy Awards

What we do for consumers

The AEA protect all energy consumers in Albania and policy information, as well as a structure mechanism for providing feedback and influencing the development of the electricity sector. Although the major changes have been made, there is continuous evolution and fine-tuning, which can have significant impacts on electricity costs for Albanian consumers. Working with community action agencies and the office of energy and planning to explore ways to ensure that all customers participating in programs for low-income customers to have access to energy efficiency improvements, and where appropriate, renewable energy resources, in order to reduce their energy bills.

What we do for local authorities

New performance indicators for local authorities focus on carbon emissions, both through council activities and on a per capita basis.  Albania Energy Association plays a key role in delivering targets on carbon emissions.

Services we offer that are specifically helpful to local authorities include:

Access to advice across a wide range of renewable technologies and services, e.g on-site renewables, anaerobic digestion, biomass and large scale wind developments.

Developing projects to achieve the state’s energy efficiency potential for all fuels, including setting goals and targets for energy efficiency that are meaningful and achievable.

Developing projects  for economic and environmental sustainability of the state’s energy system including the development of high efficiency clean energy resources that are either renewable or have low net greenhouse gas emissions.

Free advertising of tenders for renewable energy products and services to a wide range of companies ensuring Local Authorities can achieve best value in procurement.

Reputational benefits – renewables are a highly visual statement of a Council’s environmental credentials.  AEA advises on how to pursue this in a meaningful way.

Regular updated information on the developments within the industry.  The newsletter is delivered weekly to named contacts by email.

Lobbying directly with government officials on areas of concern to Local Authorities on issues related to sustainable energy – including, planning, housing, waste management, energy procurement and transport fuels.

How we focus on individual sectors

The AEA deals with broad renewables policies, but also covers sector-specific issues. We have set up a number of what we call Sectors, some looking at individual technologies, others focused on sub-sectors of the industry. The Association and the Sector Groups work in collaboration with other trade associations and NGOs.

The AEA is a not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee, registering. Articles of Association can be provided on request. The AEA is funded from member contributions with other income established from services and consultancy.

AEA Membership

We welcome new members and offer a variety of membership grades. Membership entitles companies to:

  1. Policy & strategy development
  2. Regular technology & sector meetings
  3. Annual directory & website directory listings
  4. Access to policy & sector experts
  5. Networking opportunities
  6. Website – where members can maintain their own entry
  7. Discounts on AEA & other conferences
  8. Industry statistics & information
  9. Regular e-newsletter
Contact details
Address: PO Box 2424/1 Tirana,Albania,1001
Phone:     +355 44517260
Mobile:     +355 672043806
Emails:     [email protected]
Identification number (NUIS): L11827451K
Place of registration: Tirana Court, Decision 3032