About Us-Update

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Why we are here

The Albania Energy Association represents the Albania energy industry,
covering all renewable, power, heat and fuels.

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The Albania Energy Association is a not-for-profit industry association, established in 2011 to represent Albanian and international energy producers, consumers and promote the use of sustainable energy in Albania and West Balkan, promoting new types of new technologies that could be applied in energy and industrial sector. Achieving Sustainable Energy for All. A secure, affordable and renewable/sustainable energy future for Albania.
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Albania has excellent renewable energy resources. To successfully grow renewable energy generation in Albania we need to address the challenges of the higher cost of renewable energy, the current barriers to investment and community concerns.

AEA will attract energy investments and renewable energy projects.

  1. Focused on practical steps to help government energy institutions, to remove technology-specific barriers to renewable energy investments.
  2. Provide online information portal with information for investors, members, NGO’s, etc
  3. Promote and facilitate investment opportunities with the appointment of a Renewable and Efficiency Energy Advocate
  4. Develop an information package for small-scale, hydro power, solar PV, solar hot water, wind generation, biomass, and biofuels.
  5. Promote mid-scale solar PV to enable uptake of solar technologies where they are most cost effective.
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Our strategy is to work closely with Albanian government and energy agencies, with the oil and gas industry, renewable energy players, waste management industry and other participants and investors to increase sustainable energy/power generation in Albania.

Achieving Sustainable Energy for All. A secure, affordable and renewable/sustainable energy future for Albania.

To successfully grow renewable energy generation in Albania we need to address the challenges of the higher cost of renewable energy, the current barriers to investment and community concerns.

To undertake policy development and provide input to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and others.

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[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”Hydro Power” iconbox_content=”Albania is almost totally dependent on hydropower for electricity generation; nearly 95 per cent of the country’s domestically produced electricity comes from hydropower.” icon_link_url=”#” icon_size=”40px” icon_image=”8898″ icon_name=”none”]
[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”Wind” iconbox_content=”Currently in Albania zero kWh of energy is produced out of wind, because of the lack of assessment of wind energy potentials.” icon_size=”40″ icon_image=”8900″]
[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”BioFuels” iconbox_content=”Some measures are already in place in Albania to accommodate the production and supply of biofuels in the country. Albania has drafted a new draft law on biofuels.” icon_size=”40″ icon_image=”8901″ icon_name=”none”]
[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”Geo-Energy” iconbox_content=”The geothermal situation in Albania offers three directions for the exploitation of geothermal energy: ground heat flow for space heating and cooling, by borehole heat exchanger.” icon_image=”8904″ icon_name=”none”]
[teaserbox img=”8906″ title=”PV SOLAR GENERATION IN ALBANIA” img_alt=”hgf”][distance]
[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”Oil & Gas” iconbox_content=”Activity for oil and gas in Albania has its beginnings in the years 1903-1913, when the first studies were carried out geological and drilling for oil and gas..” icon_link_url=”#” icon_size=”40px” icon_image=”8914″ icon_name=”none”]
[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”Biomass & Biogas” iconbox_content=”Biomass energy in Albania for productive use for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the olive oil sector,” which engages private sector SMEs” icon_size=”40″ icon_image=”8916″]
[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”Energy Efficency” iconbox_content=”Albania achieved progress compared to the previous reporting period with the adoption of the Law on Energy Efficiency and the drafting of other energy efficiency legislation.
” icon_size=”40″ icon_image=”8917″ icon_name=”none”]
[iconbox type=”22″ icon_title=”Electricity & Smart Grid” iconbox_content=”Albania’s electricity market is still overregulated. The wholesale market is dominated by the state-owned, regulated generation company KESh, and OShEE” icon_image=”8918″ icon_name=”none”]
What the AEA does for business

The AEA’s main objective is to secure the best legislative and regulatory framework for expanding sustainable and clean energy production in the Albania like this we can help business to develop secure and profitable in energy sector.

  • AEA provides consultancy for combined heat and power and oil gas industry.
  • We give also Energy efficiency services to help to reduce business energy costs and increase profit. These include energy audits and we can identify opportunities which will offer cost effective solutions.
  • We provide planning services, with gaining planning permission for a renewable energy projects.

We provide  feasibility consultancy services .Our feasibility reports will give you a full picture of a project enabling you to make an informed decision.

What we do for end-users/retailers  

Our association protect all energy consumers in Albania and policy information, as well as a structure mechanism for providing feedback and influencing the development of the electricity sector. Although the major changes have been made, there is continuous evolution and fine-tuning, which can have significant impacts on electricity costs for Albanian consumers. Working with community action agencies and the office of energy and planning to explore ways to ensure that all customers participating in programs for low-income customers to have access to energy efficiency improvements, and where appropriate, renewable energy resources, in order to reduce their energy bills.

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