Two oil wells of Bankers Petroleum explode

Two oil wells of Bankers Petroleum explode


Two oil wells have exploded today at Patos-Marinze, in Fier, very close to residential areas, while behind them are created dozens small fountains  that release gas. After the explosion in the air are distributed huge clouds of smoke and smell gas while underground water is gushing oil. Oil and water have flooded the streets.
The explosions caused panic and insecurity among residents, as risk village apartments, which are located near very close to the explosion. Thankfully there were people injured in the blast, and we are working to evacuate residents. According to first learned that the well that exploded part of the fund is stopped, the company Bankers Petroleum . Explosion happened during a
attempt to put it to work.
Residents alerted the moment of the explosion confessed and did not hide the fear. Risk-say they feel. Residents complain that the whole area has exploded smoke and smell of gas. They say that the channels are filled with dirty waters as a result of the explosion and pollution fears the housing.
As a result of the explosion is blocking the Fier-Marinze, while the school is closed, which is located very close to the situation.As result of the explosion were created and 40 or 50 small fountains that deliver gas, out of which flows the water . Bush appealed to all residents to leave their homes, as the situation is problematic and can break even fire. He added that all structures are on alert and civil emergencies have taken measures to accommodate residents to leave homes.
“There is a fountain gushing well, is not known to what depth, the worst is that land has taken veined waste water. It is problematic situation and emergency hazard has. I was urged residents to leave, we do not have victims, can break even on fire. We have taken measures to their system, made emergency meeting. All structures are on alert, “said Bush.

“Bankers Petroleum”, are working to close the pit where there was uncontrolled gas leak in Marinza
Bankers Petroleum Company, which belong to the wells, said that, “activated emergency intervention plan in response to an uncontrolled flow of natural gas in a well when drilling operations were being carried out”.
Also the company announced that hurt not reported, while gas is gas that has leaked sweet and harmless.
“Operational and security staff of the company in cooperation with local government, public company” Albpetrol “and state police has taken all precautions including immediate evacuation of the residents in the affected area,” announced “Bankers Petroleum”.



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