TAP criticises recent report and announces pipeline delivery

TAP criticises recent report and announces pipeline delivery

On 29 July, the Trans Adriatic pipeline (TAP) consortium announced that 14 000 pipes have already been delivered to Greece and Albania for the construction of the Trans Adriatic gas pipeline.

This figure amounts to approximately 30% of all of the pipes that will be used on the construction project.

However, according to UPI, a recent report from Re: Common and Counter Balance has “called on European financial organisations to avoid writing blank checks to the companies working on the TAP project.”

“There is a worrying overlap between the public and private interests involved in the pipeline,” Elena Gerebizza of Re:Common said.

In contrast, a report from the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development has found that Albania is ‘largely compliant’ with international financial standards.

The TAP consortium has criticised the report from Re: Common and Counter Balance, pointing to shoddy reporting and ‘several inaccuracies.’

TAP spokesperson Lisa Givert responded: “To begin with, TAP is a highly strategic project for Europe and for its host countries in particular.” The TAP consortium has stated that over 900 Albanians are working on pipeline construction. The pipeline could position the country as a regional gas hub, while also adding diversity to the energy sector.

The 870 km TAP will be connected to the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) on the Turkish-Greek border. It is planned to run through Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea, before coming ashore in Italy. The TAP will begin delivering gas from the Shah Deniz gas project off the coast of Azerbaijan to European consumers in 2019.

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