Fier and Lushnja, the main destination for photovoltaic parks in Albania

Fier and Lushnja, the main destination for photovoltaic parks in Albania

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in Albania has announced on Monday that it has received 10 new expressions of interest for the construction of photovoltaic parks in the country.

The requirements of various companies for the construction of these plants have been numerous throughout the summer after the approval of tariffs that the government will apply. The price of 100 euros per MWh for the purchase of electricity and various support schemes has caused many to run after the renewable resources.

Although so far, all requests have come for solar photovoltaic plants and none for the Wind Farm plants.

Fier and Lushnja areas have also received the most numerous applications, 5 only in the latest announcement, but added dozens of other requests since August. Along with the high level of solar irradiance supply throughout the year, and good flat terrain is a factor that has caused Myzeqeja Region to emerge in the demands of private investors.

In the Darëzezë area in Fier region, company SOLAR RENEWABLE ENERGY seeks to utilize 3.6 hectares of land to install a 2MW plant. The value of the investment amounts to 1.7 million euros.

Even in Seman Fier region, the company “3AD Energy” wants to use 2.34 hectares to set up a 1.75 MW photovoltaic park. The investment here amounts to 2.3 million euros.

In Lushnja region, “Plug” area, a temporary joint venture of three companies seeks to invest 3.9 million euros. This joint venture has asked the MEI to use a 10-hectare surface to install a 5MW power plant.

Again in Lushnja region, the temporary association of companies “FAVINA 1” SH.A. and “ARTYKA 2” SH.PK, has expressed the interest to build a 2MW photovoltaic park. The investment in the region thus adds an additional value of 2 million euros.

The company “Favina” wants to invest 2 million euros in Fier, to set up an 8 hectare plant of 2 MW.

Again  the company “Favina 1” wants to repeat the same investment in the Korca region. In Korça, a similar investment is required by the companies “HIDROCENTRALI QARR & KALTANJ”, as well as “REJ” sh.a.

In Pilur of Himara region, the company “Max Energy” wants to utilize 3 hectares of land to install a 2 MW photovoltaic park. This investment will reach the value of about 1.92 million euros.

In Durres, Solar – Expert Society wants to utilize 2.5 acres of land to set up a 1.98 MW plant with an investment value of 2.7 million euros.

The Solarium Society wants to build a 1.99 MW photovoltaic park in Vora near Tirana, utilizing 2.53 hectares of land. Here, too, the investment amounts to 2.7 million euros.

The total investment for this block of interest expressions published by the Ministry reaches 23.2 million euros and will increase the country’s power capacity by 22.7 MWh.

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