Onsite renewables

Onsite renewables

Onsite renewables

Renewable heat and power provision for buildings, developments, estates and communities

Use of onsite renewable power generation can lead to significantly lower electricity bills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

A wide variety of renewables can be installed onsite, producing energy directly for the building or community rather than having to transport it from power stations elsewhere.

Wind generators

In suitable locations, integrated wind energy can be an effective source of renewable power generation. Wind speed is greater at height, so this particularly suits tall buildings.

Solar power

Either photovoltaic panels that generate direct current electrical power in sunlight, or solar water heating systems can be used.

Biomass boilers

Swapping conventional domestic boilers for biomass boilers, which burn wood chips and pellets makes heating a building a carbon neutral process.

Borehole cooling

As ground temperature is well below air temperature in summer, boreholes can be used to extract cool ground water to supplement building cooling systems.

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