IENE Workshop in Tirana to Examine the Development of Albania’s Hydroelectric Potential

IENE Workshop in Tirana to Examine the Development of Albania’s Hydroelectric Potential

IENEA one-day workshop on the utilization of Albania’s significant hydroelectric potential is convened by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) in Tirana on June 3, 2016. This special IENE event, organized in cooperation with Albanian counterparts and under the auspices of the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry and of the Greek embassy in Tirana, will examine the further exploitation and expansion of Albania’s hydropower sector and propose a viable strategy for sustainable development.

With the participation of more than 120 Albanian, Greek and international energy companies, work began this morning the work of the conference organized by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) in Tirana to consider further exploitation of large hydropower potential of Albania. The workshop IENE entitled “Development of Albania’s Hydroelectric Potential” is supported by the PPC, numerous delegation which participates in the work with specialized lectures and presentations, and the Federation of Greek Enterprises in Albania.

Opening the work of the Workshop Chairman of IENE Mr. John Chatzivasileiadis referred to the important role that Albania due to high hydroelectric potential, the creation of a dynamic regional electricity market can play. The chairman of IENE explained the very good cooperation that had IENE with all the Albanian entities in the organization of the event which, as the K.Chatzivasileiadis, embraced the initiative of the IENE contributing with their knowledge and experience.

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On the same wavelength was and the speech of Greek Ambassador in Albania Leonidas Rokanas, while Albania’s Energy Vice Minister and Industry Mr. Gesim Musabelliu after having welcomed the initiative of the IENE reported in detail in the country’s energy sector giving new emphasis on comprehensive hydropower infrastructure, he said.

More specifically Mr. Gesim Musabelliu mentioned in the new under construction total hydroelectric power units include the 400 MW, including small hydropower plants and two large in the northern part of the country, made mainly from foreign investors but also by the state electricity company KESH. Also the Albanian energy minister informed the audience about the new, under construction, electricity 400 KV interconnection line between Albania and Kosovo are expected to be completed until the end of the year, will significantly enhance the security of energy supply of Albania. Finally, among other Mr.Musabelliu, he emphasized the role of international investors in the hydroelectric project area because only with constant foreign investment can develop this sector because of the many great resources available.

IENE Workshop Tirana 2016

In his speech at the workshop IENE Chairman and CEO of PPC Mr. Manolis Panagiotakis, having hosted a number of key elements for the organization and PPC activities, referred to the role of the Corporation in the SEE region. As he explained Mr.Panagiotakis is within this wider role in supporting this initiative of the IENE wished simultaneously to enhance the possibilities for cooperation with Albanian actors in the electricity sector. Meanwhile, the president of PPC underlined the possibilities sees an investment activity in PPC hydroelectric Albanian area. Completing the work of the First Session of the workshop Ms. Alexandra Psyrri, as.director of finance and investor relations PPC (Public Power Corporation SA), explained the organizational structure and mode of operation of business with special reference to new investments and under construction units.

Source: AEA

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