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European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) 2017

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) is a world class annual event which, since 1980, is held at different venues throughout Europe.

The EUBCE covers the entire value chain of biomass to conduct business, network, and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations, the  vision is to educate the biomass community and to accelerate growth.

The EUBCE will host a dynamic international Exhibition for companies and research labs to showcase their latest products and bringing scientists, technologists and key players together with leading Biomass industries and organizations.

Message from the Technical Programme Chairman

Dear Participant at the Biomass Conference,

The 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) will take place soon in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lena Ek (Sweden) and Henrik Ehrnrooth (Finland), the two Conference general chairs, will bring in an excellent opportunity to benefit from the huge experience of the Nordic countries, in particular from Sweden and Finland, in the production and utilization of biomass.
The Scientific and Industry Committee has reviewed and analysed the abstracts received and the core programme of the conference, including plenary, oral and poster presentations, has been established.

More than excellent 1000 abstracts have been received from 78 countries all over the world

More than 50% of the abstracts were submitted on biomass conversion and more than 10% were addressing industry topics, which show the large interest in technological development and industrial application.
Biomass resources and biomass policies, markets and sustainability were also in focus with 19% and 16% of the abstracts received.

He have received a record number (584) of proposals for peer reviewed papers and a large number (36) of applications for student awards, which confirms once again the high scientific level of the conference.

The conference will continue to focus on how to close the gap between research achievements and industrial implementation, given that research in many areas had advanced considerably over the last decade. The Conference will tackle from the beginning the “The Indispensable Role of Biomass” as part of the long-term goal agreed in Paris of limiting the increase of global average temperature and bioenergy in the wider bio-economy. Biomass potential, bioenergy policies targets for 2030 and beyond will be part of the debate.

The conference will conclude on how to better “Achieving the transition from research to industrial implementation”. Important issues will be tackled during the Conference, such as biomass production for energy integrated into food and feed farming, integration of bioenergy into a bio-based economy and integration of bioenergy with other energy sources.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Stockholm.

Dr. Nicolae Scarlat
Technical Programme Chairman
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate


May 24, 2017


8:00 am - 5:00 pm




+39 055 5002280

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