European Wind Energy Association-Official scenarios

European Wind Energy Association-Official scenarios

The electricity production from wind energy and its contribution to meeting European electricity consumption is:

83 TWh in 2005 (2.8% of European electricity demand),
to 188 TWh in 2010 (5.5%),
to 523 TWh in 2020 (13.4%),
to 965 TWh in 2030 (22.6%).

EWEA Targets

In 1991 EWEA set a target to install 4,000 MW of wind in 2000. This was revised in 1997 to 8,000 MW. In 2000 the actual wind installed in Europe was 12,887 MW three times higher than the fi gure set nine years previously.

In 1997 EWEA set a target of 40 GW installed in 2010 (the same target as the Commission White Paper) and 100 GW in 2020. In 2000 EWEA set a target of 60 GW in 2010 and 150 GW in 2020.

Three years later in 2000 EWEA revised its target to 60,000 MW by 2010 (including 5,000 MW offshore) and 150,000 MW by 2020 (including 50,000 MW offshore).

In 2003, EWEA further revised its target to 75,000 MW by 2010 and 180,000 MW by 2020 (including 70,000 MW offshore).

Today in 2005, EWEA has updated this target and extended the period to 2030, resulting in a total installation of 300 GW, 150,000 MW of this offshore.


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