Albania has a popularity density relatively low compared with other Mediterranean Countries. The totalarea of 28.7 thousand km2, less than 2 thousand km2 is occupied from lakes and rivers while theagricultural activities occupy around 7 thousand km2. The cities and other urban infrastructureincluding ports, streets and railways occupy less than 1.5 thousand km2. In the upper alpine height over1500 m are placed more than 90% of 18.7 thousand km2, while the least 11.0 thousand km2 are placedin the height less than 1000 m. The production of the agricultural products in our country are relativelylow in comparison with other European countries, which means that the potential possibility of the useagricultural remnant is limited for the possibility to justify their economic use.The biomass potential in our country can be grouped in 4 main categories:

• Woods and woods remnant from different processes in wood industry;

• Plants remnants (stem, seed) after their productive cycle end, which is not going to be use in other economy branches;

• Energy plants (woods) which growth as fuel wood.

• Animal’s remnants (fertilizer, bones, skin) not to be use in other economy branches;

The data for forestry is based on inventory of Forestry General Directory in the EnvironmentalMinistry within10 years. Total reserve forecast is around 125 million m3 (14.3 Mtoe). The maincategories of forestry are: high forestry which is about 47-50% of total resources, coppice, about 29-30% of total resources and bush which are at 24-25% of total resources. Based on three above categories, 10% of high forestry, 50 % of coppice and 100% of bush are used for fuel wood (energeticfuel). Concerning to providing data, fuel wood sources are respectively 5.87, 18.25 and 30 (million m3mainland).In Albania permanent forestry resources is organized in 376 management units, for each of them is known the surface, volume, annual grow up and annual legal cuts, despite from the not wellperformance of inventory and statistics data in Albania.


So about 2/3 of volume in Albania localize with large-leaf forests , meantime conifer and bush makeeach 1/6 of the total forestall volume in the country.


Values for forestall volume can classifying along according to:I levels (0-50 m3/hectare, 50-100 m3/hectare, >100m3/hectare) andII regions, as shown in following The scheme suggests that the better part of Albanian regions dominate an average level of forestallvolume. We can not identify an especial horizon, even if dominate, within a certain region.

Energy evaluating of biomass that comes from wood is estimate seeing the possibility of their conversion in fuel wood, wood-wool and match-wood, crashed chaffs and canebrake and crashedbriquette of wood-wool considering forest maintenance. Table 1 gives possible energy potential offorestry and their remnants.


In last decade industrialize countries; have developed the energy production from remnants (industrial,agricultural, urbane). Recalculation of metallic, papers, glasses and plastic products are duplicated inthe world during last two decades. Owing to development of technologies of remnant’s treatment utilize as energy source, induce increase of their utilization in every year. All that developments arestimulate not only for positive effects in environment but also and for energy profits.It is important to point out that, our country with relatively limited sources of fossil fuels and with anagricultural economy, has good possibilities to develop in the next future energy related from biomass.In this context, it will be necessary to stimulate research and development projects, a legal framework to better utilization of biomass for energy issue.

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