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Egnatia O-Albania was established in Tirana in October 2000 having as main target to support the “start up” of AMC network. In 2001 started providing full “turn-key” services for AMC. Since then we have worked for Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, NSN(ex-Nokia & ex-Siemens) and Huawei for AMC, Vodafone, Alb Telecom, Plus Mobile, fixed and mobile telephony Networks. Today, with the support of experienced mother company our goal is to expand our activities to Renewable energy industry.


The renewable energy sources and their exploitation are at the core of the sustainable development. This development is supported by EGNATIA TEL and Egnatia O-Albania  through its rationale and practices as it undertakes not only the supply of energy production equipment, but also the research, the development and management of non energy productive materials and telecommunication applications required for the projects. The supply of vertical services and integrated construction solutions to the investors in photo-voltaic and wind parks is one of the company activities experiencing a startling expansion.

Energy & Sustainable Resources – Service Provided

  • Investigation of locations
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Lightning protection studies
  • Authorisation issuing
  • Environmental studies
  • Signing of contract with the Hellenic Transmission System Operator S.A
  • Preparation of development file
  • Construction of production plant
  • Installation of energy equipment
  • Control and connection to the network
  • 2-year good operation guarantee
  • Plant maintenance
  • Insurance coverage of operations
  • Protection and guarding







Energy & Sustainable Resources – Equiptment

EGNATIA TEL and Egnatia O-Albania  provides the following, either separately or as part of the vertical solution schedule:


It is the photovoltaic energy component tracking system provided by EGNATIA TEL.


  • A double shaft with automatic setting of the horizontal shaft
  • Optimized operation setting for units of various sizes and for every type of soil
  • High resistance for long-lasting operation without malfunctions







Lattice wind energy potential measurement masts for heights up to 102 m and reduced base plate. They are economical and easy to install in remote or difficult to access areas thanks to their reduced base plate surface.

Made of high quality material, they guarantee both the quality of the structure and the accuracy of the measurement results. The hot-galvanized 6 m elements of tubular section enable flexibility in terms of final height as well as resistance to the external conditions.

The wind masts belonging to the range of products are designed according to the international standards for wind energy potential measurements so as to register the accurate wind behavior at the specific location.



Egnatia O-Albania Company
Rr. “Andon Zako Cajupi”, Pallati 3,
Hyrja 11, Kati i I-re
Tel: +355 4 2203002
Fax : +355 4 2247469

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