Energy Efficiency Project Primary School – Oblike-Shkoder

Energy Efficiency Project Primary School - Oblike-Shkoder

Energy Efficiency project for primary school of the commune of Oblike, Shkoder, North West Albania.

AEA will implement a full EE project with high standards respecting all the quality and installation procedures for this Trail project for this school with 150 daily  pupils.

The school has not any heating system install, no thermal insulation of any type, they have not installed any type renewable energy sources for electricity or thermal heat producer.

AEA team will implement with their partners, with cost efficient :

 1. Cavity wall outer insulation.
2. Solid wall insulation.
3. Loft insulation.
4. Floor insulation.
5. Roof insulation.
6. Insulation for pipe work and ducts.

7. Heating system of 250KW with gas condensing boilers, and piping system including all safety installments.

8. PV – system on grid with installing capacity of 35KW on roof, including all roof reinforcement needed.

9. Double glass windows, with thermal insulation standard.

Please contact us for more information if you are deciding to fund this project. The positive impact will be to the children of this school, to have a green building that not only consume electricity but that creates electricity from PV system during all year round, to the grid, and use that amount of funds for heating during the winter time. Like this the school will be fully independent, and green.

For the full project request, please ask AEA by email.

13% DONATED OF €185000

No Days left to achieve target

Has been completed

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