PV System & Heating System for Children School – Balonat – Cerrik, Albania

PV System & Heating System for Children School - Balonat - Cerrik, Albania

Children School – Balonat – Cerrik, Albania

The children center school, gives its activity for around 60 children daily at the moment, with maximum capacity of 150 children in the future. Most of the children are from Rom community and other families with low income.  The Children Center Balonat, and the PV system

AEA – Albania Energy Association has implemented in the center , a biomass system with pellet central boiler used for heating, and the PV system using it for electricity production.

The PV system is 15kW installed system, which is up gradable to 25kW, and the biomass heating system is 36kW, enough to make the children center 100% green, self sustained , ecological friendly for their energy/electricity needs. AEA team made possible to manage/ project/install/commission/testing the systems with their accredited engineers.

Present during the inauguration was the ex ambassador of Germany in Albania Mr. Hellmut Hoffmann, the mayor of Cerrik Mr. Altin Toska who was ready to support for implementing this kind of project in the near future, the chairman of AEA Mr.Erlet Shaqe, also the presence of Mons. George Frendo as the president of Caritas Albania, was very noted as he is supporting the Albanian communities that are in need.

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