Albania gasification, interested expressed by SOCAR..

Albania gasification, interested expressed by SOCAR..

SOCAR gasificationWhile TAP pipeline construction has started, Albania will become part of the international gas network, paving the need for gasification of the country with a network of special and brand new. This project requires huge investments that lie in years, while the master plan for the gasification is underway and expected to be ready next October.

Official sources at the Ministry of Economy of Albania stated that the Azeri company has expressed interest to implement the gasification infrastructure, since it is one of the main shareholders of the oil field and gas transmission by TAP.

The same sources indicated that the master plan ends in autumn next year. Then, they provided the financial support to continue with the detailed planning, which means you will study potential areas of Albania where possible will be the construction of gas distribution networks.

Experts at the Ministry of Energy of Albania say that Albania can have a consumption of about 1 billion cubic meters of gas, an amount one tenth of the initial capacity of the pipeline.

The goals of the Master Plan and further feasibility studies aimed at introducing the element of gas consumption by households.

Sources in the Ministry of Energy stated that the law on public-private partnership leaves room to find strategic investors for the gasification process. The same sources indicated that SOCAR Azerbaijan has expressed interest, but other countries have expressed interest, as have the opportunities because of the possession of gas.

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