AEA concluded, 2017 Seminar on Small Hydropower Development and Management for CEE

AEA concluded, 2017 Seminar on Small Hydropower Development and Management for CEE

Albania Energy Association chairman Mr.Erlet Shaqe, took part 2017 Seminar on Small Hydropower Development and Management for Central and East Europe Countries supported by the government of the People’s Republic of China / the Ministry of Commerce, ICSHP and HRC initiate, planned and organizing this very comprehensive training workshop for 21 days with participants of over 9 different countries from Asia, Africa, Europe to learn about China’s practice and achievements in small hydro power development and in utilizing SHP to play a positive role in electrification. We were introduced to water resources, green hydropower, the technology, planning, construction and management of small hydropower.

Presentation : Albania Investments and Hydropower Development 2017

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This training promoted further cooperation and exchange hydropower development experiences between China and participants countries, to support and achieve a bright future for the sustainable development of hydropower in our communities developing countries.

The seminar also integrates classroom presentations with field survey/study tours which include the sites of different hydropower plants, the analogous experimental platform, the equipment manufacturers as well as the Three Gorges Project.

We were  introduced the experience on SHP development and management mode and technology, including Small
Hydropower Development in China, SHP Developing Modes, Method for SHP Feasibility Study, SHP Equipment in China, SHP Norms in China, Operation and Maintenance of Hydropower Plant, SCADA System, Refurbishment of SHP Stations, and some other special topics, such as China in brief, China’s foreign aid, etc.

The organizers:

International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) is a public and non-profit institution directly under auspices of United Nations Industrial and Development Organization (UNIDO), China’s Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Commerce, as well as, ICSHP is headquarters of International Network on Small Hydro Power (INSHP), which is an international organization with more than about 400 members from 80 countries.

ICSHP aims at the promotion of global SHP development through triangle technical and economic cooperation among developing countries, developed countries and international organizations, hence to supply the rural areas in developing countries with environmentally sound, affordable and adequate energy, which will lead to the increase of
employment opportunities, improvement of ecological environment, poverty alleviation, improvement of local living and cultural standards and economic development in rural areas.

HRC, also called NRIRE, was founded with the joint sponsorship’s of Chinese  government and UN organizations such as UNDP/UNIDO in 1981 in Hangzhou, China, specializing in R+D and training etc, in the fields of renewable energy development including SHP and rural electrification. Entrusted by Chinese Ministry of Water Resources, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDP, UNIDO, ILO, FAO and ASEAN Secretariat etc., HRC has until now, successfully hosted 87 seminars/training courses for more
than 1700 participants of 112 countries regarding the subjects of rural electrification, water resources and renewable energy, inclusive of small hydropower, solar energy and wind power, etc.

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