Woodfuel for heat

Woodfuel for heat

Woodfuel for heat

What is Woodfuel?

Woodfuel for heat is woody fuel that is burned to generate energy for space heating or hot water.

Woodfuel includes logs, woodchip or pellets to be used in applications ranging from an open log fire or a woodburning stove to modern, sophisticated boiler systems.

Modern woodchip or pellet boilers are highly efficient, convenient and low maintenance, usually with automatic fuel handling, loading and ignition systems and thermostatic controls.

Why is it a renewable and low carbon fuel?

Woodfuel is stored solar energy that can be re-grown in a matter of years, unlike fossil fuels which are a finite energy resource. Woodfuel is also carbon neutral at source.  Burning wood simply releases the CO2 that was absorbed during the trees growth, keeping the level of carbon at an equilibrium.

The benefits of woodfuel heat

Apart from being a renewable and low carbon fuel woodfuel has a number of other benefits.

Cost efficient

Renewable heat is the lowest cost renewable option for meeting our 2020 renewable energy targets. The renewable heat sector has a 12% proposed contribution to make by 2020 (from 1% today). If this is met 60 mt of CO2 would be saved at 90-155 Euro/tonne of carbon saved. Within the renewable heat sector woodfuel for heat is by far the cheapest renewable heat source .

Low greenhouse gas emissions

As explained above woodfuel is carbon neutral at source. Woodfuel offers 80% or more lifecycle greenhouse gas savings, compared to fossil fuel alternatives.

Efficient use of fuel

Woodfuel for heat offers 85% typical efficiency.

Energy Security

Woodfuel can be sourced locally, from within the Albania, reducing reliance on unstable supply chains.

Local Jobs

A healthy woodfuel supply chain requires a skilled workforce. New market opportunities benefit communities by stimulating local economies, creating new jobs and diversification.


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