7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum

7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum (BEFF 2014, Tirana)
7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum (BEFF 2014, Tirana)

7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum (BEFF 2014, Tirana)

Programme Highlights

Following the success of our 2013 event which attracted over 200 attendees from over 25 countries, our 7th Annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum (BEFF 2014, Tirana) will again unite key players from across the energy industry, both from private and public sectors, tackling key issues facing the development of the energy market.

7th Annual BEFF will address:

– The SEE Region: Future Outlook
– Gas and Oil Market Developments
– Electricity Grid, Pricing, Trading
– Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
– Greening the Financial Sector

The organizer of the conference recommends regional renewable energy project developers to attend the Project Finance Workshop for Renewable Energy Projects, organized by the Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe on 17th October. Please note: there are a limited number of spaces available!

For full event information and if you are interested in participating in this event as a delegate, speaker or sponsor please contact Ana Bankovic (ana.bankovic@eelevents.co.uk) for more information or call +44 (0) 207 275 8063. 

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